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Guoyin Shen

Melting of transition metals

The differences in melting temperatures of transition metals between static and shock measurements are several thousand degrees at Megabar pressures. New measurements using X-ray diffraction, X-ray absorption and the measurement of latent heat related to melting will be performed. Additionally, textural melt features observed on quenched samples (see figure) will be analyzed using electron microscopy.



Hydrogen at High P-T Conditions

Study of the phase diagram of hydrogen above one megabar using modified anvil designs with enhanced chemical resistance (with C.S. Zha). An Excimer laser is used to cut dishes into the culets of the diamond anvils, which will then partly be filled with a material that reduces the chemical/physical interaction between hydrogen and diamond.



Synchrotron Radiation

With high brilliance, focusing capabilities, temporal resolution, coherence, and polarization, synchrotron x-radiation is a particularly powerful probe for revealing rich materials behavior under extreme environments. Besides the traditional crystal structure information, recently developed synchrotron techniques provide information on phonon dynamics, electronic and bonding structure, magnetism, micro-structure in a large length scale, nano-imaging, strength and elasticity, and kinetics/process evolution.

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