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Yang Ding

EFree at EFRC Summit & Forum

EFRC websiteThe U.S. Department of Energy held an Energy Frontier Research Center (EFRC) Summit & Forum on 25-27 May 2011.

Synchrotron Radiation

With high brilliance, focusing capabilities, temporal resolution, coherence, and polarization, synchrotron x-radiation is a particularly powerful probe for revealing rich materials behavior under extreme environments. Besides the traditional crystal structure information, recently developed synchrotron techniques provide information on phonon dynamics, electronic and bonding structure, magnetism, micro-structure in a large length scale, nano-imaging, strength and elasticity, and kinetics/process evolution.



Micro-Nano Analysis

Enabling new technologies for sample analysis and fabrication are the integral part of the proposed research program. We have developed and pioneered many high-pressure techniques coupled with in-situ and ex-situ analytical and spectroscopic methods that allowed us to probe material properties at all levels from electron and atom to bulk over a wide pressure-temperature-composition range.

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