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Yang Ding

Magnetic Structures of Strongly Correlated Manganates

The goal of this project is to improve our understanding of the fundamental mechanisms involved in charge doped colossal magnetoresistance manganites. Strong coupling between lattice, orbital, electronic, and spin degrees of freedom has to be accounted for to understand the microscopic origin of the unique properties of these compounds. The application of external hydrostatic pressure has been successfully employed to decouple the interactions and to investigate the effect of structural modifications in manganites.



Electron-correlated Systems under Pressure

Emergence involving correlations between d and f electrons in materials
(namely eletctron strongly correlated  materials) induces a staggering 
variety of novel phenomena, such as, ferromagnetism, antiferromagnetism,
unconventional and high-temperature superconductivity, charge- and
orbital-density waves, electronic phase separation, stripes,
ferroelectricity, colossal magneto-resistance and magneto-capacitance.



outreach activities

Showing the students a schematic of a diamond anvil cell and sample area.•  The UT Austin outreach was conducted Thursday June 23, 2011 and Tuesday July 5, 2011 in collaboration with Mary Miller and her intern Sara Jeanes of the UTeach program at the University of Texas- Austin. The UTeach program focuses on preparing undergraduates at UT-Austin to teach secondary science courses such as chemistry, biology, geology, and computer science.

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