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Michael Armstrong, Lawrence Livermore NL

High dynamic compression with low energy

Kiyong Kim photo : An ultrafast laser pulse ablates aluminum, launching a shock waveBonding properties and phase transitions in hydrogen under extreme conditions are a central focus of EFree. Hydrogen at high pressure may be a superconductor or a super fluid, and is a grand challenge problem within EFree.

Hydrogen under extreme conditions on ultrafast timescales

shock compression of solid hydrogenA team of Lawrence Livermore National Lab. scientists, Jonathan Crowhurst, Mike Armstrong, Joe Zaug, and Kwei-Yu Chu, produced a video on “The Behavior of Hydrogen Under Extreme Conditions on Ultrafast Timescales”.

Laser Techniques

Laser-based spectroscopy and time-domain methods provide unique opportunities to characterize materials in and out of equilibrium. They are complementary to large synchrotron and neutron facilities in obtaining the information about the electronic, vibrational, elastic, structural, and other materials properties. Moreover, laser spectroscopy techniques are equally or even more sensitive to study low-Z materials and low-Z containing alloys.


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