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Yong Cai, Brookhaven National Lab.

Metals under Extreme Environments

Studies of conventional and novel metals provide important challenges and opportunities that are central to energy research. Flexibility in composition translates to wide variability throughout the range of chemical and physical properties, particularly as we explore the pressure dimension in crystalline metals and alloys as well as metallic glasses. The high P-T response of metallic structural components of advanced energy systems need to be understood at the multiscale in order to enhance performance.



Time-resolved Spectroscopy Using a Free Electron-Laser

Project Outline

Jefferson Lab operates a high power and high brightness THz source.  We plan to utilize this source for both equilibrium and non-equilibrium experiments on samples at high pressure.  Initial experiments will utilize novel optical schemes to determine and verify the sensitivity of the techniques

Jefferson Lab FEL/THz User Facility


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