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Alex Goncharov


High dynamic compression with low energy

Kiyong Kim photo : An ultrafast laser pulse ablates aluminum, launching a shock waveBonding properties and phase transitions in hydrogen under extreme conditions are a central focus of EFree. Hydrogen at high pressure may be a superconductor or a super fluid, and is a grand challenge problem within EFree.

Enhancement of superconductivity by pressure-driven competition in electronic order

Finding a way to achieve higher transition temperatureTc of a superconductor than it already has for the energy application is a grand challenge. Currently, copper oxides remain the superconducting materials having highest Tc’s both at ambient condition and under pressure.

Laser and Optical, Geophysical Laboratory

  • Raman spectroscopy with CW excitation in the range of 457-752 nm & 1060 nm excitation

     -  Laser heating with a fiber 1.075 mm laser (automated system)
     -  CO2 laser heating (under construction)
     -  Cryostats
     •   UV to mid-IR optical spectroscopy (absorption and reflectivity)
      -  grating spectrometer
      -  FT-IR spectrometer

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