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Reini Boehler

EFree, GL, CIW

Laser-heating Laboratory, Geophysical Laboratory

The main items in the Laser-heating Laboratory at the Geophysical Laboratory: 

Melting of transition metals

The differences in melting temperatures of transition metals between static and shock measurements are several thousand degrees at Megabar pressures. New measurements using X-ray diffraction, X-ray absorption and the measurement of latent heat related to melting will be performed. Additionally, textural melt features observed on quenched samples (see figure) will be analyzed using electron microscopy.



New high P-T devices for neutron diffraction

Hydrogen-dominated materials will be studied by neutron diffraction at SNS (Oak Ridge). Two new type diamond cells will be developed : a) “belt”-type diamond cell with sample volumes of about ½ mm3 ; b) DAC with modified culets with neutron diffraction capabilities to near 1 Megabar.

"belt"-type large volume diamond cell


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