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Metals Under Extreme Environments

Metals under extreme environments

Electron-correlated Systems under Pressure

Emergence involving correlations between d and f electrons in materials
(namely eletctron strongly correlated  materials) induces a staggering 
variety of novel phenomena, such as, ferromagnetism, antiferromagnetism,
unconventional and high-temperature superconductivity, charge- and
orbital-density waves, electronic phase separation, stripes,
ferroelectricity, colossal magneto-resistance and magneto-capacitance.



Time-resolved Spectroscopy Using a Free Electron-Laser

Project Outline

Jefferson Lab operates a high power and high brightness THz source.  We plan to utilize this source for both equilibrium and non-equilibrium experiments on samples at high pressure.  Initial experiments will utilize novel optical schemes to determine and verify the sensitivity of the techniques

Jefferson Lab FEL/THz User Facility


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