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John V. Badding, Penn State

Badding Research Group, Penn. State

John Badding's Research Group at Penn State's chemistry department have the following equipment:

Four ultraviolet (244 nm, 364 nm), visible, and near infrared Raman spectrometers

Mao-Bell diamond anvil cells

Merrill-Basset diamond anvil cells

Hydrogen at High P-T Conditions

Study of the phase diagram of hydrogen above one megabar using modified anvil designs with enhanced chemical resistance (with C.S. Zha). An Excimer laser is used to cut dishes into the culets of the diamond anvils, which will then partly be filled with a material that reduces the chemical/physical interaction between hydrogen and diamond.



Micro-Nano Analysis

Enabling new technologies for sample analysis and fabrication are the integral part of the proposed research program. We have developed and pioneered many high-pressure techniques coupled with in-situ and ex-situ analytical and spectroscopic methods that allowed us to probe material properties at all levels from electron and atom to bulk over a wide pressure-temperature-composition range.

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