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Wendy Mao, Stanford University

Wendy Mao, recipient of 2013 MSA Award

Wendy Mao, 2013 MSA award recipientWendy Mao, an EFree Partner at Stanford, will be the 2013 recipient of the MSA Award, in recognition of “outstanding published contributions to the science of mineralogy by relatively young individuals or individuals near the beginning of their professional careers."

Wendy Mao receives additional grant to study extreme P-T processes

Wendy Li-Wen Mao, a mineral physicist at SLAC and Stanford, received a multiyear grant from NSF which will enable her to study various molten iron and solid silicate minerals and interactions – recreating the extremes in temperature and pressure existing in the Earth’s core and mantle. She will use X-ray computed tomography, which lends itself to creating images down to a nanoscale r

Geological & Environmental Sciences, Stanford Univ.

Resources in the Geological & Environmental Sciences laboratories at Stanford University include

  • Diamond anvil cells (symmetric, panoramic, cross)
  • On-line Raman system
  • Other instruments

•-80oC refrigerator for sample storage



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