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overview and research plan of EFree

Energy Frontier Research in Extreme Environments (EFree) consists of a team of leading scientists at the Geophysical Laboratory, nine U.S. universities, and six DOE national laboratories with complementary expertise in high-pressure science and technology, theory and experimentation, physics, chemistry, geoscience, and materials science.

This DOE-EFRC Center will pursue collaborative research in novel materials synthesis, state-of-the-art high pressure-temperature materials characterization with neutron, laser, synchrotron x-ray, ad micro-nano analysis probes, and theoretical studies at Carnegie laboratories, universities and synchrotron and neutron scattering facilities within DOE national laboratories.

The Center will conduct high-pressure studies for discoveries of novel materials with optimal properties, including fuels with exceedingly high hydrogen contents, superconductors at record high temperatures, and key components resistive to extremely harsh environments. We will design alternative routes to bring the novel materials to ambient conditions for energy applications.

EFree will develop the critical, enabling technologies, including the next-generation high P-T devices and the integration of extreme environments with synchrotron x-ray, neutron, laser, optical, electronic, magnetic, and nano-scale probes. With this comprehensive platform, we can anticipate major discoveries and breakthroughs in four thrust areas.