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Pressure-driven Magnetic Transition of Iron-bearing Oxides by Neutron Diffraction

Project Outline

As special substances, iron-bearing oxides are of great interest to the areas from condensed matter physics to Earth sciences.  The various properties of such oxides, including their electronic and magnetic properties, at various conditions are very interesting, especially like other transition metal oxides, their crystal structural transformations are always coupled by magnetic transitions. Single-crystal and powder neutron diffraction provides a powerful tool for probing the dramatic changes at high pressures. 

Using the techniques recently being developed at the SNAP of SNS and SCD station of LANSCE, we plan to study the crystal structural transformation and magnetic structural transition at high pressures of transition metal oxides and at low temperatures. The results will reveal the possible driving force of these transitions in more detail.


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X-J. Chen (EFree)
C. A. Tulk (SNS)
Y. S. Zhao (Los Alamos National Lab)
M. Guthrie (Efree)
J. Molaison (SNS)
A. M. d. Santos (SNS)