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Synchrotron Radiation

With high brilliance, focusing capabilities, temporal resolution, coherence, and polarization, synchrotron x-radiation is a particularly powerful probe for revealing rich materials behavior under extreme environments. Besides the traditional crystal structure information, recently developed synchrotron techniques provide information on phonon dynamics, electronic and bonding structure, magnetism, micro-structure in a large length scale, nano-imaging, strength and elasticity, and kinetics/process evolution. The central goal of the EFree synchrotron task force is to develop critical technology for energy research, including discoveries of novel materials in extreme environments, and recovery of materials for practical use under ambient conditions. Of particular importance is the integration of both beamline equipments and pressure-temperature vessels with the full power of national synchrotron facilities such as APS. Furthermore, we also look forward to and prepare for the next-generation capability at the upgraded APS, NSLS-II, LCLS, NIF, Omega and other facilities on the horizon.


Key Projects


  • Ultrahigh pressures toward TPa with nano-probing techniques (Yang)
  • Electron strongly correlated materials at high pressure (Ding)
  • Liquid Dynamics at high pressure (Shen)
  • Micro-structure mapping by nano-imaging techniques (Yang)
  • Pressure dependence on critical size effect in nano-materials (Wang)
  • Three-dimensional strain mapping by coherent diffraction imaging (Yang)
  • Phonon dispersion relations at high pressure (Ding)
  • Phase transition and reaction kinetics at high pressure (Yang)
  • Structural transition of amorphous materials at high pressure (Shen)
  • Synthesis of Novel Xenon-Halogen Compounds at High Pressures and High Temperatures





Shen, Guoyin (Coordinator)
Yang, Wenge (HPSynC)
Boehler, Reini  (GL)
Ding, Yang (HPSynC)
Goncharov, Alex (GL)
Guthrie, Malcolm (EFree)
Fei, Yingwei (GL)
Hemley, Russell (GL)
Mao, Ho-kwang (Dave), Director
V.V. Struzhkin (GL)



Bassett, Bill (Cornell)
Cai, Yong Brookhaven NL)
Kao, Chichang (Brookhaven NL
Lin, Afu (Univ. of Texas-Austin)
Liu, Zenxian (GL at Brookhaven NL)
Mao, Wendy (Stanford)