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EFree Partners' Workshop

EFree held its Partners' Workshop at the Geophysical Laboratory, Washington, DC, on Sept. 11, 2009 and Sept. 24-25, 2010.  The next Partner's Annual Meeting will be in September.


Workshop and meeting announcements

Participation in conferences and workshops

Jung-Fu Lin, Univ. of Texas, Austin, was invited speaker for the following events: American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting 2011, San Francisco in Dec. 2011, "Electronic spin and valence states of iron in lower-mantle silicate perovskite and post-perovskite"; Chinese Academy of Science, Institute of High Energy Physics, Beijing Synchrotron Radiation Facility, Beijing in Nov. 2011, "Synchrotron Inelastic X-ray Scattering at High Pressures: Probing Electronic, Magnetic, Elastic, and Phonon Properties"; Dynamic Properties of Earth and Planetary Materials Workshop, CECAM (Centre Européen de Calcul Atomique et Moléculaire), Lausanne, Switzerland in Oct. 2011, "Electronic and Elastic Properties of Iron-Containing Minerals in Earth’s Interior"; The 31st International Conference on the Applications of the Mössbauer Effect (ICAME2011), Kobe, Japan in Sept 2011, "Electronic spin transition of iron in Earth’s lower mantle"; Energy Frontier Research in Extreme Environments (EFree) Annual Meeting, Geophysical Laboratory, Carnegie Institution of Washington, DC, in Sept 2011, "Efficient energy transportation and generation: iron pnictide superconductors in extreme environments"; The Asia Oceania Geosciences Society (AOGS) Meeting, Taipei, Taiwan in Aug. 2011, session Elasticity of iron alloys in Earth’s inner core, "Electronic spin and valence states of iron in the Earth’s lower mantle".

Roald Hoffmann spoke of our high pressure research at IVIC in Caracas, Venezuela in June 2011. He also reported about Vanessa Labet’s work on hydrogen under pressure at the CHESS workshop on high pressure research at Cornell.

Wenge Yang, HPSynC, participated in Cornell's XDL-2011 (x-ray diffraction limit) workshop and give a talk on synchrotron techniques: X-ray tomography and imaging through diamond anvil cells on June 23, 2011.

W. Yang also gave a talk at the Shock Compression of Condensed Matter Conference in Chicago, on Strain mapping of diamond anvils under high pressure, June 29, 2011.

R.A. Mayanovic participated in "Investigations of materials and solutes under extremes of temperature and pressure in aqueous fluids", Condensed Matter Seminar, held in April 6, 2011, and organized by the Dept. of Physics and Astronomy, University of Missouri, Columbia, MO.

J.F. Lin, U. Texas, gave a talk at the High-Energy Resolution Inelastic X-ray Scattering Workshop of the APS User Meeting at Argonne National Laboratory (ANL) in May 2011, entitled “Elasticity of Iron Alloys in Earth’s Inner Core”. The talk focused on using the high-energy resolution inelastic X-ray scattering technique to investigate elastic properties of iron alloys at high pressures.

R.A. Mayanovic delivered a talk on Investigations of materials and solutes under extremes of temperature and pressure in aqueous fluids. Condensed Matter Seminar, Dept. of Physics and Astronomy, University of Missouri, Columbia, MO on April 6, 2011.

W. Yang chaired the session "Progress of advanced techniques for high pressure researches at synchrotron sources"  and presented a talk on "Advanced high pressure imaging techniques with synchrotron sources" at the 2011 SMEC meeting, Miami-Belize-Mexico-Miami, March 27-April 2, 2011.

R.A. Mayanovic, partner at Missouri State University, participated in a workshop: Dynamic Phenomena under Extremes, held at Austin, TX, on January 24-28, 2011, with a talk "A kinetic study of synchrotron x-ray induced radiolysis effects on Fe2+ and Fe3+ ions in aqueous fluids to supercritical conditions". 

W. Yang of HPSynC presented "HPSynC: Current status and outlook" at the Dynamic workshop hosted by GL-NNSA, Geophysical Laboratory, 24 Feb. 2011.

  A. Goncharov is organizing a symposium on "Chemistry at High Pressure, Exploring the Interiors of Planets with Laboratory Experiments and Theory" at the 242nd meeting of the American Chemical Society in Denver, Colorado, Aug. 28-Sep. 1, 2011. Please go to ACS website for more information.

Jung-Fu Lin represented the Inelastic X-ray Scattering Group of the Advanced Photon Source to present a Science Case on the High-Energy Resolution Inelastic X-ray Scattering (HERIX) upgrade at the Advanced Photon Source before the external review panel on 11 March 2011.

•  Jung-Fu Lin, EFree’s partner at UT Austin, co-organized this workshop that had attracted 81 scientists to attend and to present seminars and discussions. "Dynamic Phenamena under Extremes" workshop was held at the University of Texas at Austin from January 24th to January 28th, 2011. Geophysical Lab's Dave Mao, Rus Hemley, and Maddury Somayazulu, Missouri State's Bob Mayanovic, and Jefferson Lab's Michael Klopf attended the workshop.

•  Wenge Yang gave a talk on “Super-dense phase of BCC-aluminum synthesized by femto second laser shock”  at the Dynamic Phenomena Under Extremes workshop, held in the Univ. of Texas, Austin, on January 25-27, 2011.

•  Jiuhua Chen made a presentation on “Synthesis and characterization of semiconducting high pressure phase of boron” at the 14th International Conference on High Pressure Semiconductor Physics held in Changchun, China on August 1-4, 2010.

•  R.A. Mayanovic was the presenting author of the  published work entitled "In situ XAS investigations of the adsorption of metal ions on metal oxide nanoparticles in aqueous fluids to 500 °C" at the International Chemical Congress of the Pacific Basin Societies (PACIFICHEM) in Honolulu, HI, on December 15-20, 2010. 

•  Jiuhua Chen; J. Girard; H. Couvy; D. J. Weidner; Y. Wang made a presentation on "Influence of iron on the strength of silicate perovskite at high pressure" at the AGU Fall Meeting in December 13-17, 2010.

•  Yang Ding gave an XSD presentation entitlted "High-Pressure Synchrotron X-ray: New Light for Discoveries at Extreme Conditions" at Advanced Photon Source, ANL.

•  Xiaojia Chen will give two talks at the IUCr Workshop on β-tin→Imma→sh Phase Transitions of Germanium and on Detecting Magnetoelectric Coupling in Dense BiFeO3.The workshop will be held in in Gatlinburg, TN, on 19-23 Sept. 2010.

•  Jung-Fu Lin delivered scientific presentations at the following in-states as parts of the EFree collaborations: at Peking University, School of Earth and Space Sciences (September 2010) spoke on A New Spin on Mineral Physics of the Earth’s Interior, at the Chinese Academy of Science, Institute of Geochemistry (September 2010) spoke on A New Spin on Mineral Physics of the Earth’s Interior, and another at the Chinese Academy of Science, Institute of Physics (September 2010) spoke on Solid state geophysics under extreme environments: from electronic structures to Earth’s interior

W. Yang  gave a talk at the High pressure Semiconductor Physics-14 conference on the topic Novel high pressure synchrotron radiation techniques and applications to semiconductor nanowires. Conference was held  in Changchun, China on August 1-4, 2010.

• R.A. Mayanovic gave an EFree Highlight presentation on Metal ion adsorption on Fe3O4nanoparticles in supercritical aqueous fluids at the Geophysical Laboratory, Carnegie Institution of Washington, on July 22, 2010.

• Jeff Yarger participated in the Neutron meeting at Oak Ridge national lab. E. Soignard participated in the high pressure Gordon conference as an invited speaker and presented his work on perforated diamond anvil cell design and some of the more recent results.    

• Roald Hoffmann and Neil Ashcroft both participated in the recent Gordon Research Conference and delivered invited lectures, partly on E-Free related interests. Dr Xiaodong Wen and Dr Patryk Zeleski-Ejgierd also participated in the Conference and presented Posters, again partly on our EFree related research.

• R.A. Mayanovic (presenting author), A.J. Anderson, P.R. Meredith, W.A. Bassett, In situ XAS study of Zn2+ and Ni2+ adsorption on Fe3O4 nanoparticles in supercritical aqueous fluids, V.M. Goldschmidt Conference 2010, Knoxville, TN, June, 2010. (oral presentation; EFree acknowledged)

• H.A.N. Dharmagunawardhane (presenting author), R.A. Mayanovic, A.J. Anderson, W.A. Bassett, S. Pascarelli, Rate kinetics of synchrotron radiation-induced radiolysis of Fe2+ and Fe3+ ions in aqueous solutions to 500 °C, V.M. Goldschmidt Conference 2010, Knoxville, TN, June, 2010. (poster presentation; EFree acknowledged)

• Joseph Demster, R.A. Mayanovic. The adsorption of zinc on Fe3O4 nanoparticles in supercritical aqueous solutions. Oral presentation, Missouri Academy of Science Annual Meeting, Springfield, Missouri, April 16, 2010.

 Manelich Luna, R.A. Mayanovic. In situ XAS investigations of the adsorption of nickel on Fe3O4 nanoparticles in aqeuous fluids to 500 °C. Oral presentation, Missouri Academy of Science Annual Meeting, Springfield, Missouri, April 16, 2010. Third Prize (Physics Category).

• H.A.N. Dharmagunawardhane, Goldschmidt2010 Travel Grant ($625), Organizers of the Goldschmidt 2010 International Conference to be held June 13–18, Knoxville, TN.

• Jeff Yarger and Emmanuel Soignard actively participated in the “brainstorming organizational meeting” at UNLV on April 7th and 8th organized by Prof. Hochheimer. The meeting was aimed at increasing collaboration between groups in the southwest to increase the impact or our research. The discussions also included the possibilities of collaboration with UNLV for projects requiring access to HP-CAT since UNLV has a significant amount of direct access time on HP-CAT. The participation of ASU in EFREE was presented during the discussions.

• Jiuhua Chen spoke on "Study of high pressure and rehydrogenationof ammonia borane as hydrogen storage material" at the Florida International University workshop on March 12, 2010, in Miami. Yongzhou Sun and Vadym Drozd are co-authors of the paper.

• Xiao-jia Chen attended American Physical Society March Meeting and presented two talks.

The first was on "Distinguishing between spin-fluctuation and phonon-mediated d-wave superconductivity in cuprates by high-pressure Raman scattering", with paper jointly authored by Chen, Xiaojia; Zhu, Jian-Xin; Struzhkin, Viktor V.; Goncharov, Alexander F.; Lin, Cheng-Tian; Hemley, Russell J.; Mao, Ho-Kwang, American Physical Society, APS March Meeting 2010, March 15-19,2010, abstract #J41.009

• Xiao Jia Chen presented a second talk and was joint-author on the paper written on "Neutron diffraction studies on crystal and magnetic structures of BiFeO3 at high pressures", Chen,Xiao-Jia; Guthrie, Malcolm; Hemley, Russell J.; Mao, Ho-Kwang; Wu, Yu-Jie; Chen, Xiao-Kun; Molaison, Jamie J.; Moreira Dos Santos, Antonio >F.; Tulk, Christopher A., American Physical Society, APS March Meeting 2010, March 15-19,2010, abstract #X38.005

• Roald Hoffmann, Cornell University, gave a lecture on "The Chemical Intuition at Work in Very Tight Places" at the Univ. of North Texas, the University of Georgia, and at the Knut Larsen Symposium of the Danish Academy of Technical Sciences.

• Wenge Yang, HPSynC, presented three posters during the Department of Energy, National Nuclear Security Administration's symposium at Carnegie Institution, Washington, DC. on HPSynC science and technology highlights 2009, HPSynC overview, and Pressure-induced magnetic transition in manganite (La0.75Ca0.25MnO3).

• Yang Ding, HPSynC, gave a presentation during the "Advanced Technologies for Advanced  Characterizations of Minerals under High Pressure" (Mineral and Rock  Physics) at the AGU fall meeting, Dec. 14-18, 2009, San Francisco.

• Wenge Yang gave a talk titled "Nanoscale diffraction and imaging techniques for high pressure sciences" (W. Yang, G. Shen, M. Guthrie, H. Liu and H. Mao) in the same session of the at the AGU fall meeting, Dec. 14-18, 2009

• Jiuhua Chen, Florida International University, and colleagues Tony Yu, Hongbo Long, Liping Wang and Jozsef Garaia contributed this article entitled "Melting curve of NaCl determined using synchrotron x-ray radiography", Eos Trans. AGU, 90(52), Fall Meet. Suppl., MR11A-05.

• Jozsef Garai and Jiuhua Chen contributed this article entitled "The pressure effect on the melting temperature and the melting curves of epsilon iron and MgSiO3 perovskite", Eos Trans. AGU, 90(52), Fall Meet. Suppl., MR23B-02.

• Gwyn Williams presented 2 papers at the Synchrotron Radiation International conference, SRI-09 in Melbourne, Australia, on Sept. 28-Oct. 2, 2009.

Y. Ding, HPSynC, gave a talk on Diamond and synchrotron radiation: Chances of new discoveries, in a symposium on Recent Advances in Structural Characterization of Materials, at Materials Science & Technology 2009 Conference & Exhibition October 25-29, 2009, in Pittsburgh, PA.